Hebei Tymech Industrial Products Co., Ltd

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        Tymech is a metal stamping, casting, forging and CNC machining developer and supplier in China. With our focus on product design, research and development, and experienced employees, Tymech successfully serves our customers in diversified industries ofautos, hardware, electronics and other industries at home and abroad. 
        We have three foundries and more than 500 employees working for manufacturing, R&D, sales and management. We are dedicated to providing a higher standard of service to our customers in metal stampings, casting, forging and CNC machining.
        With our high quality products, competitive prices and high standard customer service, we have developed a long-term cooperation with foreign customers from America, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, etc.
        Work with Tymech and you will find yourself always getting the right thing at the most competitive price. Let us be your one and the only partner of metal stamping, casting, forging and CNC machining in China.

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